Krizens SEEDS

Krizens-SEEDS aims purely in the development of knowledge in all means of sharing the knowledge among the people. The members around the average line have a claim to share their views on a particular concept & technology.

Krizens-SEEDS has planned to organize international conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia’s. The agenda is to build a platform for effective sharing of knowledge and ideas among the pupil and group. The Krizens-SEEDS institute membership can be framed only after receiving approval from the governing council.

Our Selection Process for the Krizens Awards

Apply for One or More Categories
2.Video Interview
Qualified will be Interviewed by Panel
3.Final Entry
Invited for Final Entry
4.Panel Nomination
Qualifying Panel will nominate candidates
5.Judging Begins
International Panel will evaluate each nominated candidate
6.Top 20 Invited
Top 20 will be invited for Krizens Event where top 3 winners will be announced