Model Corporate Program

Krizens Model Corporate Program

An educational simulation program for students to get real world business experience by running live companies within campus. It will focus in bringing coherent leaders, professors from different disciplines such as management, computer science, mechanical, electronics, etc. They would act as advisors to the students of MCorp and corporate leaders. These seasoned professionals and management experts will interact with students of MCorp on regular basis as mentors and provide complete support in terms of projects, evaluations, workshops, and communications from different corporates.

There are some major outcomes to be practiced under the model corporate program. An extensive emphasis will be given to training & assessment modules and skills development workshops. The students will be given the experience of working in a professional environment with planned corporate/industrial visits. They will undergo specialized mentorship programs (mentor- mentee program) from leaders & experts from different forte. Additionally, a certified excellence program will be run for personality development & grooming and business skill development.

Entrepreneurship is another focal point for extensive careers ahead. Masterclasses will be initiated on how to jump start the entrepreneurial journey, run a real company while studying and gain practical experience and understand the nuances of corporate lifestyle.